A Carabinieri scuba diver inspects the Costa Concordia cruise ship which ran aground off the west coast of Italy at Giglio island January 19, 2012. [REUTERS/Centro subacquei dei Carabinieri/Handout]

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I still don’t know how something I scribbled in a hurry at 3am got so many notes in the space of a day? Shakespeare is clearly too awesome. I spelt “bated” wrong, awk :) Someone said this looks like a serial killer’s notebook, which made me laugh a lot. They’re not wrong, I’ve been a sleep deprived zombie lately.

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Help the Top Gear Facebook page get to 10MM likes.

Are you a fan of the Top Gear Facebook page?

Yes? Good on you.

No? Well go ‘like’ it now.

Why? Because if you do, something terrible will happen to a caravan:

The population of the Top Gear Facebook page keeps on growing at a frankly astonishing rate. As we write these words it stands at 9,947,920, although you can safely disregard that number, as by the time we’ve finished typing this sentence it will have gone up again.

Now, that number will be ticking over into eight figures sometime very soon, and we obviously can’t let a number as auspicious as 10 MILLION go past without a proper Top Gear celebration. So we’ve been asking all you gathered fans this past week what you’d like us to do to celebrate…

We had 7,832 suggestions in little over six hours. Many of these suggestions featured caravans. Specifically caravans and some form of wanton destruction.

So, always ones to listen, we’ve planned something special for the moment that number ticks over the magic 10 million mark. 

Sign up for our Facebook page here if you don’t want to miss it….

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